Review of a local, transactional e-commerce site

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There are many outstanding e-commerce website available in Malaysia market. Today I want to share with the readers on one of the successful e-commerce website that I have dealing with, It is an online travel agency which make available for travellers to book a hotel, choosing a travel package, and entrust a group trip. Their group trip customers include Ernst & Young, ING Insurance, Nike Malaysia and other successful companies.

Nowadays, Malaysia travelling industry has grown vigorously. According to the statistics on Ministry of Tourism, foreign visitors have increased in year 2008 by 5.1%. In order to grab a slice on this market, many travelling agency goes beyond their traditional brick-and-mortar business to setup their online travelling service website.

It is a real story that happened on me. Recently, my Indonesian relatives come to Malaysia for travelling but they do not have any plan and suddenly come to my house and discussing their travelling plan. On that situation, I really do not have an idea to plan a trip for them and really don’t like to travel all the way from Sungai Long to KL area for searching travel agency.

So, one of my friends introduced me a reliable online travel agency called This website is focusing on travel to the famous islands around Malaysia and Thailand. Besides,’s homepage is well-organised that allowed users to see their package in the order way. Moreover, the website travelling package gives a special rate with even cheaper than other agencies.

Here I also want to highlight a most powerful tool in the websites is called search engine. It permits users to drop down the option even though the users do not have knowledge on geographic of Malaysia. Other than that, some other user friendly features like peak seasons calendar and currency converter give a clearer picture on pricing and hot seasons to foreign visitors on doing decision.

On the other hand, users can make the payment through most of the online-banking website and other foreign payment method such as China Unionpay. The company will first send user an invoice in PDF format through e-mail and user can make their payment with reference code on the website.

Click to enlarge: Invoice

Once users complete the payment, will send back the payment voucher to user as a reference.

Click to enlarge:Payment Voucher

The only one limitation in the website I found is that the online payment by credit/debit card is not very secure with third party verification. So at that time, I rather to chose bank transfer to the company for making my payment.

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A Review on UK to get tough with illegal downloader

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In this post, i will do a review on a post in an e-commerce blog. I have chosen a post about illegal download. What is illegal download? Is downloading music and movies from the internet considered illegal? I will discuss some information about illegal download in this post.
According to the e-commerce blog, there are estimated around 6 million people are downloading files illegally in UK. These illegal downloading of music and movies are costing the industry to lose million of pounds in revenue every year. However, what is the actual definition of illegal downloading?

According to Christian Music Trade Association, Piracy is any form of unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of music or movies including downloading, file sharing, and CD-burning. When it comes to stealing digital recordings of copyrighted music, people somehow seem to think that it is unethical. Illegally downloading or copying copyrighted music is the same as stealing, there is no difference.
According to The Star December 4, 2007, if you download material illegally from the Internet, be prepared to fork out a minimum fine of RM250,000. This is the warning from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry to Malaysians who continue to illegally download songs, videos and the like. Besides that, illegal downloaders may have a chance to be prosecuted.

However, it is not only Malaysian who downloads from the Internet. Internet user from all around the world would download songs, videos, movies and other digital files from the Internet. This illegal action will have many negative impacts to many parties.

In my opinion, the party that will most affected by this illegal download would be the artists, songwriters, producers and so on. This is because it betrays songwriters and producers who have produced it. Since many Internet users illegally download copyrighted products, therefore music and movie industry will be affected. Many Internet users just download their favourite song or movies for free therefore they do not need to purchase it. By doing so, the cost of producing song or movies cannot be recovered because revenue is low.

Besides that, it also indirectly will affect us as fan of some singers or artists. This is because when the cost cannot be covered, then they will not able or even stop producing song and movies. Hence, we will not able to enjoy those beautiful art.

Lastly, I would advice Internet users to not to be selfish and ruin the whole industry. We should not be the "Pirates of the Industry" !!!

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E-Government in Malaysia:Its implementation so far and citizen's adpotion strategies

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Hi everyone today is my last blog for this education blog. I hope our blog has brought lot of useful information to you guys. Well, today I’m going to share the title about “The implementation of E-Government in Malaysian and the citizen’s adoption strategies”.

Electronic government (E-Government) is the use of IT and e-commerce to provide access to government information and delivery of public services to citizens and business partners. The initiative launched of E-government was to lead the country into Information Age. By implementing E-Government, the internal operation of government and delivery services to the citizen in Malaysia will be improved. Besides, it also will improve the convenience, accessibility, quality of the interactions with citizen and business and so forth.

Malaysian government has implemented e-government services since the initiation of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) in 1996. Their vision is to focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering the government service to their citizen by enabling them to be more responsive on citizen needs.

The 7 pilot projects of the ElectronicGovernment Flagship Application are:

Government to Government
1. Project Monitoring System (SPP II)
-Online system that monitors the entire lifecycle of national programs,

2. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
-Enable the Public Service to successfully deal with the Challenges of the K-Economy.

3. Generic Office Environment (GOE)
-Powerful document and office management solution that enables users to effectively and efficiently manage their office environment.

Government to Business
4. Electronic Procurement (EP)
-Enables suppliers to sell goods and services to the Government through the Internet.

Government to Citizen
5. Electronic Services (E-Services)
- Citizen can conduct transaction with government agencies through various convenience channels such as the eServices kiosks and internet.

6. Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)
-Enable employers and job seekers to communicate on the same platform to exchange labor market information.

7. E-Syariah
-A case management system that integrates the processes related to management of cases for the Syariah Courts.

Furthermore, the following links will be helpful for you to know more detail about the implementation of E-Government in Malaysia.
i) Malaysian Information and Communication Technology

ii) E-Government in Malaysia

iii) Implementation of Electronic Government in Malaysia

Moreover, Malaysian government can carry out few strategies in order to increase the number of E-government users. Those strategies are as follow:
-Government should provide multiple languages in their websites.
-Government should provide a user-friendly system to their citizen such as simplify their system procedures.
- FAQ and contact number for customer services should be included in their websites.
-Conference, talk or campaign should be organized by the government by explaining services provided by them and describing the way to use the system.
-Government should enhance the security of their websites and state the rules and regulations of the system to avoid the exposure of citizen’s private information.

Before i end my post with you guys, I would like to share a video about E-Government service in oversea which showing the convenience provided by the government to their citizen.

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Corporate Blogging: A new marketing communication tool

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Hi there, we meet again to discuss on the popular issues of e-commerce. We will discuss on the new marketing communication tool for companies today- Corporate Blogging. According to Wikipedia, corporate weblog is a tool that organizations used and published to reach its organizational goals. It has grown from a popular teen pastime to needs for corporations. Most of the blogs can be categorized as internal and external blogs. Internal blogs are generally accessed through the intranet where every employee can view on it whereas external blogs are publicly published for everyone where they can see the employees, teams or spokespersons of the company sharing their views on the blog.

According to Ray Valdes, only less than 5 percent of the Fortune 1000 is using blogs strategically in year 2006, but he believes that the percentage will triple in the next two years. According to Socialtext’s research, 61 (approximately 12.2%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging as of 4th July 2009. Why corporate blogging become so popular nowadays?

Corporate blogging has been introduced as a new approach to marketing because companies can use it to polish up their marketing message indirectly through social interactions. Besides, blogging enables faster feedback rather than other customer communication avenues. It also provides a more strategic understanding of the current market trend. Moreover, blogging is telling the customers indirectly that the company cares about their products and customers. Many companies not only using it for customer and peer support, they also use it for internal communications from the CEO, HR department, or as a discussion tool among the employees. Most of the leaders feel comfortable or safe to communicate directly to the customers without worrying negative corporate consequences such as being sued. On the other hand, it gives the writer an opportunity to answer critics in a controlled forum, but some of the critics may not seen by the writer because they might have post it somewhere else. It also brings new connections and generates trust within customers, employees, suppliers, investors and others which may lead to business opportunities.

Although there are risks such as revealing issues on financial results, with communication and guide within the organization, we believe that the benefits of corporate weblog will exceed the problems.

The links below will provide more information on corporate blogging to all of you:

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The Application of Pre-Paid Cash Card for Consumers

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What is a pre-paid cash card? Is it a credit card or a debit card? Are you confused now? Never mind. I'll explain what is a prepaid cash card actually in this post.

A prepaid cash card is neither a credit card nor a debit card where it doesn't have line of credit. Besides that, it is not a debit card because it is not linked to a bank account with an overdraft facility. We can't borrow money with a prepaid card, we can only spend the money we have loaded onto it.

Prepaid cash card can help to manage your money safer, easier, and cheaper. Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard work like a checking account where individuals and businesses deposit money and withdraw funds from a protected account. The money is safe in the prepaid card accounts instead of carrying it around in cash. It's very convenient to sign up for a prepaid cash card.

The usages of prepaid cash card are wide. It can be used in many ways as follow:
Prepaid cash card can be used to make purchases. For example when u go shopping, u do not need to carry a lot of cash around. Besides, it is more secure to use prepaid cash card rather than carrying cash around and it enables the person to start spending according to a budget as well. Apart from that, prepaid cash card can also be used to withdraw cash from ATM without worry about overdrafts because you can only spend what is in your account.

Furthermore, you can use the card to shop & pay bills online, make hotel & car rental reservations, and purchase goods & services wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Besides that, it is more secure to use prepaid cash card rather than carrying cash around and it enables the person to start spending according to a budget as well.

Prepaid cash card are widely used in :

- Everyday shopping

- Internet shopping

- Topping up your mobile phone

- Paying bills

- Paying monthly subscriptions

- Withdrawing cash from ATMs
- etc.

Example of prepaid cash card that is used in Malaysia is the Touch n' Go. It is used at all highways in Malaysia, major public transpots, selected parking sites and also theme park. User can continue using the card as long as it is pre-loaded. Touch ‘n Go enhances the speed of paying and it is also very convenient because user no longer need to prepare for small change or wait in queue at the cash lane to complete the transaction.

The are two other companies that provide prepaid cash card. If you are interested, do visit the following companies' websites:

i) AccountNow ii) ThinkGlink

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Credit Cards Debts: Causes and Prevention

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Hi, everyone! This week article is on one of people’s major concern which is credit cards debts. Credit cards are very common in this century. According to Wikipedia, it is a part of payment system which uses a small plastic card for payment. The issuer of cards allows the user to borrow money to pay for goods or services to the merchant in advance.

Credit cards can be very convenient if it is used properly, otherwise, you’ll be surrounded by load of debts which may cause bankruptcy. I’ll share some of the causes and prevention of the credit cards debts in this article.

Maintaining expenses on a reduced income- Excessive spending is one of the main causes, especially when users are experiencing reduction in their monthly income. If users still spend as if they are having their previous income, they will soon find that their credit cards’ monthly charges will be doubled or tripled up. A fast and effective way to prevent this is creating a new budget which can get your spending under control. Users will have a clear view on how much money they have each month and how many they need to spend for the month.

Low or no savings- It is important to contribute money to the savings account regularly. However, if you’re contributing very little or no fund to savings account, your savings may not able to cover unexpected or emergency expenses. An easy way to prevent from adding charges to credit cards during emergency is set up an automatic monthly transfer to your savings account. With this system, you would not need to worry that you will forget to set your funds aside.

Poor money management- Money management includes everything from monthly budgeting to bill paying to savings and investment contributions. Therefore, failing to manage any of the areas will cause you to loss control on your finance. For instance, if you fail to pay your monthly credit card bills, you will be charged for late payment at substantially high interest rates. The same solution for the “low or no savings” is applied here. Users should consider setting up an automatic bill pay transfer to ensure that they never miss out any payments.

Overspending- Spending do helps to boost up the economy but spending too much on unnecessary things is the most common cause of increasing credit cards debts. It seems impossible to stop swiping our credit cards to get things that we want with all those glittery advertisements which keep on persuading us to buy, buy and buy! In order to prevent overspending, set a budget on your necessary monthly spending and stick to it!

Prevention is always better than cure. Think twice before you intend to purchase using credit cards and avoid mistakes that lead to burdens of debts. Good luck, people!

For more in-depth details, please visit the web sites below:

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Electronic Currency

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Hi, my dearest readers. Today I’m going to share some information regarding the electronic currency with you guys. Yet, before I provide the detail information about it, let me take this opportunity to share some basic knowledge first. As we know, the improvement of technology and internet has driven the use of electronic currency in the world. Besides, it also plays a major role in most of the transactions which perform or done through the internet. Thus, it is important to know about what is electronic currency as well as their pros and cons.

Now, let me ask you a question. What is the electronic currency? Isn’t something like traditional money that can be seen and touch? The answer definitely is NOT! In fact, electronic currency is an intangible money that cannot touch and it is money or scrip that just can be exchanged electronically.Thus, it is safe for us to use the electronic currency, we do not need to worry that the money will be lost. E-money, electronic cash, electronic currency, digital money, digital cash or digital currency is another term of electronic currency.

Electronic currency to be used for payment over the internet is stored electronically on receipt of funds. Moreover, it can be held on devices, cards or on a server, for examples pre-paid cards, electronic purses and etc. In order to exchange electronic currency over the internet, three systems should be involved which are computer networks, internet and digital store value system.

The examples of electronic currency are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and direct deposit. EFT is used to perform financial transaction electronically by using computer-based systems while direct deposit is used to transfer money by using certain system.

There are many companies that provide electronic currency in the world. One of the companies using this currency is PayPal. PayPal is an e-commerce business which allows payments and money transfers to be made through internet. Besides, a PayPal account can be deposited from bank account through electronic debit or by credit card.

Click and buy is also another company that provides electronic currency. It allows customers made payment through the internet without ever providing their personal bank or card details again. This system is currently used by Skype, Msn, T-online, Playboy, Electronic Arts and etc.

However, there are pros and cons using this electronic currency. One of the major benefits is security, by using electronic currency you do not need to worry about the exposure of your private information to stranger. You can made payment through internet without giving any private information.

Second benefit is lower cost transaction. Unlike other business which may eat up an unreasonably fees from your profit, electronic currency trading allows you to earn more from your business which require minimal fees only. Another benefit is globalization, which allows you to assess into global market with no restriction and control from local currency.

One of the limitations is failure of technology. Breakdown of network, defected by worm or virus and etc will cause the data and record to be disclosed to outsiders which may become the barrier of using electronic currency. On the other hand, additional hardware is required by the company in order to perform this electronic currency software and the installation cost is quite costly. Thus, cost of implementation can be considered as a big issue for the company.

If you want to know more about the electronic currency, please do not hesitate to visit the following links which might be useful for you.

i) Electronic Currency
ii) Electronic Currency Trading
iii)Benefits of Electronic Currency Trading

Thanks for viewing our blog.

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